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The Duna Media Service Provider Nonprofit Private Limited Company will take part in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, an event that attracts over 100 million viewers each year. The semi-finals and the final of the competition to be held in Lisbon will be broadcast live by the Duna channel.

The Duna Media Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd will select from among the applicants who submit their applications to this call by 20 November 2017 the competitor and song representing Hungary at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest of the European Broadcasting Union (hereafter EBU) in the framework of the national selection, the programme series A DAL 2018 to be broadcast live on the Duna channel.

The competitor for Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest will represent the Duna Media Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd (hereafter the publisher of the call) nominating him/her at the international contest. In accordance with the rules of the organizing EBU it is the sole responsibility and competence of the entity to select the song and performer (the author and the performer hereafter together referred to as “applicant”) representing the publisher of the call.

Out of the applications of the performers, authors that fulfil the eligibility criteria as set out below and are submitted by the nomination deadline, a professional jury shall select the songs that can compete during the national pre-selections to be broadcast live.

The best among the contestants of the semi-final shows will qualify to the final of A DAL with the votes of an on-screen jury and of the audience where the artist to represent Hungary at the 63. Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon will be revealed.

Rules for Application:

1. The entered song (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released, exhibited on media platforms (television, radio, internet) or made available to the public before 1 September 2017.

2. The maximum duration of each song is three minutes. Any song which is longer shall be disqualified by the EBU.

3. Submissions are only accepted by singers or bands (hereafter „performers”) who have previously released a music album or had national radio airplay and/or television appearances, and who have a valid contract with a record company and/or with a professional music management.

4. All performers competing on stage must be aged at least 16 by the day of the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, i.e. by 8 May 2018.

5. The performers of the songs shall be Hungarian citizens or Hungarian native speakers.

6. Performers against whom criminal procedures are initiated or already conducted in the period preceding the semi-finals in Lisbon or whose behaviour causes public indignation or leads to public scandal, may be disqualified in any phase of the contest from among the applicants by the publisher of the call.

7. The applicants acknowledge and agree that the Hungarian National Final of the Eurovision Song Contest is a competition of songs and not that of performers. Therefore the publisher of the call is to take the final decision on the performer in whose interpretation the winning song will be entered to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon

8. The publisher of the call preferably supports singing in the Hungarian language during the domestic preselection programme series A DAL 2018.  The applicants, however, may enter their songs in English or in any official language of the national and ethnic minorities living in Hungary, but in these cases the Hungarian translation of the lyrics shall be provided, too. The Duna Media Service Provider Ltd has the right to decide which language the performer will sing on stage at Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

9. Composers who are foreign citizens and whose native language is not Hungarian may only enter the contest if their song is recorded with a performer who complies with the provisions of the call (see sections 3, 4, 5, 6).

10. No artist may compete for more than one country in the Eurovision Song Contest in a given year.

11. The lyrics and performance of the songs shall not bring into disrepute either of the following: A DAL, the Eurovision Song Contest, the organizer Duna Media Service Provider Ltd or the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (hereafter referred to as MTVA) supporting the production of public service programmes. No lyrics, gestures, visual elements, speech of a political nature or one that incites to hatred or is indecent shall be allowed during the on-stage performance. No swearing shall be allowed.

12. Each performance at the Eurovision Song Contest may consist of a maximum of six people on stage. No live animals shall be allowed on stage. During the performances of the live shows of A DAL 2018 there is no restriction as to the number of persons on stage.

13. The songs must be performed on stage exclusively in half-playback: all vocals are sung live accompanied by a recorded backing-track and shall not feature any vocals or vocal imitations. Instruments are allowed on stage only as props.

14. Applicants who qualify to the live shows of A DAL 2018 undertake to be available – without receiving an extra fee – from the official announcement in December 2017 until the end of May 2018 for auditions, rehearsals, events, promotion shoots and performances, short film shoots, press events, press conferences, interviews and live shows as requested by MTVA, furthermore for any kind of purpose related to the ESC, with special emphasis to appearances online, on-air.

15. Applicants who qualify to the live shows of A DAL 2018 undertake to participate without receiving an extra fee in up to two events organised or promoted by the publisher of the call until 31 December 2018.

16. The applicants (authors, performers) who qualify to the live shows of A DAL 2018 undertake to produce an acoustic version of their song, consent to, and take part in its recording in a studio with the equipment provided by and in the quality requested by the publisher of the call. They shall also take part in the online Acoustic Song Contest. The applicants give permission for free of charge linear and on-demand use of the acoustic versions on media platforms as well as for the their reproduction and distribution in a separate document. The winner of the vote agrees to attend the award ceremony in person.

 The current series of the national song selection programme includes a competition of the lyrics and their writers for the “Best Lyrics of A DAL 2018” award, bestowed by the on-screen jury. The winner of the vote agrees to attend the award ceremony in person.

The on-screen jury will award the special prize “New Talent of A DAL 2018” to one of the competitors of the 2018 national song selection programme who made their debut during the 2018 season or who performed for the first time in front of a larger national audience and excel in this TV-show. The special prize “New Talent of A DAL 2018” will be announced by the jury during the first semi-final. The winner agrees to attend the award ceremony in person.

17. Applicants who qualify to the live shows of A DAL 2018 furthermore undertake to appear in the 26-minute live programmes called “A DAL Kulissza” (The Song: Behind the Scenes) immediately following the live shows.

18. The winner of A DAL 2018, Hungary’s representative and his/her team undertake to closely cooperate with MTVA in order to meet all the obligations regarding the production as set out by the official and publicly available rules of the Eurovision Song Contest during the period between the national final and the Final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. He or she shall take part in the preparations for the international contest under MTVA’s professional supervision and shall do his/her best in order to reach the highest possible ranking. Furthermore, he or she shall comply with all the deadlines set by the Duna Media Service Provider Ltd and the EBU and shall take part in all the national and international promotional and press events. On-stage performers act undertaks to stay in Lisbon during the time period determined by MTVA. Furthermore, the performer representing Hungary agrees to sing free of charge at up to five events organised or promoted by the Duna Media Service Provider Ltd until 31 December 2018.

19. The performer/ rightsholder shall submit the final recording of the song to be performed by 20 December 2017 to MTVA.  He or she grants MTVA the right to include the submitted audio recording in the CD compilation “A Dal 2018” compiled from the songs featured in the show as well as gives MTVA the permission to reproduce and distribute it bundled or unbundled without temporal, territorial or numerical restriction (either on a physical data carrier and/or electronically inter alia in music webstores and on the website teleteka.hu either by MTVA itself or through its subcontractor(s).

20. The Duna Media Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd/the composer, author of the lyrics, performer, the owner of the master recording or any other entitled persons or entities connected to the song shall sign a separate licence agreement with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) or the publisher designated by the EBU on the transferable publisher’s and performer’s rights of the entered song and its karaoke/instrumental versions. The performer and the author shall grant free of charge the licences necessary for publishing in a separate document to the publisher maintaining a legal relationship with the Duna Media Service Provider Ltd or the EBU.

21. By submitting their application, the performers and authors agree with the terms and conditions of the present call and declare that no other contracting force prohibits them to continuously cooperate with the Duna Media Service Provider Ltd., to enter into the agreements fixed in the present call. Furthermore, they acknowledge that the breach of any of the provisions of the call may result in their disqualification. By submitting his/her application, the applicant acknowledges that in case the song submitted by him/her qualifies to the best 30 artists, he or she shall conclude a written agreement on the binding commitments applying to him/her with MTVA by the 15th day preceding the first day of broadcast the latest. By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to pay MTVA the fixed amount specified in the declaration included in the Application Form in case of breach of the above obligation. If a contract has been concluded, any breach of his/her contractual obligations shall entail the payment of a fixed amount penalty as set out in the contract.

22. Online applications must include:

– the duly completed Application Form with the signed declaration (the Application Form is to be signed by the person who will subsequently be entitled to sign the contract);

– the audio material in flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, wav or wma format;

– the lyrics of the song and its Hungarian translation, if applicable

– high-resolution press photos of the person(s) performing on stage and of the composer(s), their biography in English and Hungarian;

– the video clip of the song (this is not compulsory and is to be submitted only when ready);

If an author or a performer submits more than one song, it is mandatory to fill in a separate submission form for each entry. The songs, the lyrics, the photos and the biographies can however be assigned to the relevant form if the titles are clearly indicated.

Valid online applications can be submitted on the mediaklikk.hu/adal page where all relevant information as well as the Application Form can be found.

Failure to submit any of the attachments or to observe the deadline for uploading renders the application void.

MTVA will store application materials for one year after the selection process.

Deadline for uploading the applications:


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